Big Josh Vodka

Big Josh Vodka

Big Josh Vodka - $18

Josh started working as a barback in San Diego when he was 20 years old. He spent the next two decades working long hours as a doorman, security guard, bartender, and general manager. He carried himself with style, charm, and grace.

One day, a pain in his eye brought him to his knees. He dismissed it as a migraine. When the pain returned, he reluctantly went to the Emergency Room. Hours later he was checked into Oncology. It wasn't a migraine at all. Josh was diagnosed with Terminal Stage 4 Non-Smoking Lung Cancer.

Josh lost the energy to work while he battled cancer. His paychecks stopped coming in. His disability package wasn't enough to support his family. He needed help. Josh was patient zero of the Big Josh Foundation. Don't wait... Pour a glass, and raise a toast to someone in need. We donate $1 of every bottle purchased to BIG JOSH!

Handcrafted and bottled by 619 SPIRITS, SAN DIEGO, CA

Orders will begin shipping the first week of February.