Check SIx Vodka

Check SIx Vodka

Check Six Vodka - $29

Clear Skies & Smooth Spirits: Check Six Vodka Takes Flight!

Elevate your spirits and soar to new heights with every sip of this premium quality Vodka! Embark on a journey of unparalleled taste and sophistication with Check Six Vodka. Handcrafted with precision and passion, our premium vodka is the epitome of smoothness and quality.

Vodka is known for its clear and versatile nature, and has been a favorite amongst aviators for decades. Its neutral flavor complements a multitude of amazing cocktails as well as being enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Much like the precision required in aviation, our distillers carefully craft Check Six Vodka to ensure its smoothness and purity. We are committed to using the finest local San Diego ingredients, with no chemical preservatives, and employing a rigorous 12-time distillation process from pure cane sugar. We filter the vodka 6 times, removing any impurities, resulting in a clean and polished taste that is both enjoyable to sip on its own and perfect for mixing in cocktails. This legendary smoothness sets us apart from the rest.

"Check Six" is fighter pilot slang for look behind you, i.e., check your 6 o'clock position. We say this to our wingman while flying as well as in a more social, and fun manner in a bar. As a lifelong Naval Aviator and fighter pilot, it is my privilege to pay tribute to the aviation community I love so much and highlight the most elite pilots in the world. My two greatest passions are flying and enjoying life with family & friends. Check Six Vodka™ brings those two together. So, please raise a toast to the amazing world of aviation and celebrate life to the fullest!! Cheers and Check Six, Jim DiMatteo.